Pete Spearing

Pete has had a round about journey to his jazzy incarnation so in his own words

1970 'Stonehouse' formed: Jimmy Smith (vocs) Snowy (drums) Terry Parker (bass) I wrote some heavy rock stuff and we got RCA contract in June Recorded the album 'Stonehouse Creek'in Advision studios London took 3 days!! 1971 Band split - Smiffy and Snowy going to 'Asgard' recording with Moody Blues new Threshold label. Terry and I slept on floors around London and did auditions, one with Supertramp -queue of guitar players around the block. Asgard went wobbly and asked me to join em. Money and goodwill already used up with Threshold. Back to semi pro Plymouth. 1973-76 Joined up with Rob Heape (Vocs &bass) and Snowy(drums) used a few names : 'hammerhead','asgard' - 'grand canyon' - then plain 'canyon' got a job at the Ark Royal Devonport. Eased out the pop trax and went for anything 'progressive: Band blossomed and became creative. Memorable years. 1977-78 Moved to Cornwall where I died musically 1979-81 Back to Plymouth and struggled thru various line-ups - didnt happen. 1982-87 Went to Gold Coast Australia - I mean I like surfing daytime and gigging at night. Thats what I got. I did solo work playing progressive stuff - drum machine, bass pedals - thats hard work( sick of making no money in bands) 1987-90 Went north to Cairns- finally makin money. 1990 burned out - stopped playing for 6 months - languishing in a beach house. 1991 Abandoned beat music and took up jazz and latin. Harder than i thought. Slowly climbed the gig ladder and got to play with good muzos. Picked up bass playing at some point - wasnt as easy as i thought staring down from the giddy heights of successful guitarist. Singing and playing bass doing jazz standards got me more work - with occasional guitar gigs. 2009 Baled out of Oz - gigs dried up and muzos disappeared. Sold up and bought a place on west coast of Tenerife. 2010 Plan to summer in Plymouth- Thats the picture - tune in