Dhevdhas Nair

Dhevdhas Nair began playing piano accidentally at an early age when his school mistakenly gave him another boy's lessons. By the time the error was discovered his musical talents had become obvious and so the lessons continued. At the age of 17 he travelled to Khartoum, Sudan and began playing with various African bands both as a percussionist and piano player. He has toured in Africa, India, Europe and Scandinavia as a solo artist and with jazz, African, rock and world music groups including South African township band Sankomota with whom he had a number one hit, Julian Bahula's Jubula and Orchestre Jazira. In the UK he has worked with Mervyn Africa, Nana Tsiboe, John Etheridge, Jim Mullen and Darryl Waye. He studied Indian Classical music at Dartington. He has composed music for the Daksha Sheth Dance Company in South India with whom he tours annually and has appeared on many radio and television broadcasts. He is visiting teacher of jazz piano at Wells Cathedral School and Exeter University.